1. The case for improving responses to VAWDASV

Social landlords have a vital role to play in tackling domestic abuse. Not only are a disproportionate number of social housing tenants impacted by this form of abuse, but for anyone fleeing an abusive situation finding suitable alternative housing/ accommodation is of paramount importance. 

However, without commitment at a strategic level to enable systemic change, pockets of good practice and good intention all too often come down to individuals, frequently lacking the consistent change in organisational practice and culture that is needed.

The purpose of Tier 3 of the Free from Fear Response map is to highlight key things strategic leaders can do to ensure gradual systemic change across the whole organisation. 


3)Develop a Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV) Strategy

4) Implement a VAWDASV policy for staff and introduce training for managers 

5)Enable innovation in prevention work;  be open to establishing new partnerships and ‘special’ projects