2.5 Creating the right environment

The Free from Fear partners believe, as social landlords we have a vital role to play in supporting tenants to access the support they need.

The increased visibility of domestic abuse cases amongst social landlords South East Wales is a result of the Gwent police information sharing initiative known as the Daily Domestic Abuse Conference Call. This has given social landlords and other agencies a greater understanding of the prevalence of domestic abuse in social housing properties.

In Gwent, Free from Fear partners have learned that concerns about safety and other related issues can be overcome by routinely making sensitive enquiries, providing relevant information, and support with tenancy related matters. Not everyone will disclose to us or take up our support, however it is essential to create opportundities for peopl e to do so when victims are ready to disclose their abuse, they get the information andsupport they need to take action.

There are steps staff can take through familiarising themselves with sections such as 'Spotting the signs', to support a tenant who is suspected or known to be experiencing domestic abuse. In combination with appropriate training, it is hoped this tool will enable housing staff to feel more confident in supporting  tenants who are experiencing domestic abuse.