1.5 Advocates and advisors

Independent Domestic Violence Advocates, (IDVAs), work with victims of high risk of harm from a partner, ex-partner or family members.IDVAs are usually part of an IDVA service within a multi-agency framework and help to ensure that their client's perspective and safety remains the central focus.

These advocates are the primary point of contact for the victim, usually working with them from the point of crisis, assessing risk, discussing options and developing safety plans. IDVAs can support clients in court and may also assisst them with housing and other immediate safety needs.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors, (ISVAs), support clients who have experienced forms of sexual violence. They don't pressure clients into reporting an offence, and help them understand the processes of the criminal justice system and forensic examination.

ISVA services are usually provided by specialist agencies and are often linked to a Sexual Assault Referral Centre, (SARC).


There are IDVA and ISVA services across Wales; for details contact the All Wales Live Fear Free Helpline: 0808 80 10 800