4. Responding to Perpetrators

The ability of staff to respond to perpetrators is limited.  Staff should not attempt to engage directly with, or confront perpetrators or suspected perpetrators directly.  The focus should be on protecting the victim through target hardening measures available in their organisation and referral to specialist agencies for support.  See Section 3: Target Hardening.

Ensuring that the victim is safe is the priority.  All actions taken needs to have the victim at the forefront of the support that is carried out.  Your own policies and procedures including safeguarding and risk assessments will need to be in place with management and the safety of both you and your colleagues is vital.  All contact with perpetrators needs to be recorded clearly and notified to management.

Supporting perpetrators of low level abuse

If there are perpetrators who are looking for support and want to be able to access a service, these can be signposted to.  

The Respect website has a phone line and web chat services available for support.  http://respect.uk.net/ 

Other services including support groups vary dependant on area and criteria.  

Phoenix Programme: https://phoenixdas.co.uk/about-us/

Barnardos: 01633 615859