3. Target Hardening

There are steps social landlords can take to enable tenants to remain in their home, when they might otherwise flee to escape domestic abuse. 
Safety and Sanctuary at Home (SASH), are a range of measures that social landlords can offer tenants to enable them to feel safer and more in control of their situation.
Timely interventions by social landlords and other agencies can result in people not having to give up so much (their home, their community, proximity to family and friends, keeping children in the same school) in order to escape the abuse being perpetrated against them.
SASH procedures can reduce the number of people becoming homeless, as well as cut the numbers of people going into temporary accommodation or moving area.  It can also reduce costs associated with abandoned properties and voids. These measures are also in keeping with a social landlord's housing management function.
SASH measures can be offered to tenants alongside a referral to a specialist agency for individual safety planning, ongoing outreach support and/ or programmes such as Freedom Programme and  counseling.
They may include:
  • Social landlord issuing a SASH pack
  • Housing staff providing information to tenants on improving initial personal safety
  • Housing staff making a referral to a specialist provider for development of an individual safety plan
  • Social landlord offering additional target hardening
  • Exploring property moves/ or transfers and providing support with tenancy issues
Interventions by social landlords might also include utilising legal remedies to hold perpetrators to account - read more about in Tier 1, Priority 4, ‘Responding to Perpetrators’.
Staff should refer to their organisations own policy and procedures to understand which SASH measures apply.